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What we do
What we do

Experience Movement Training with Bewegungs­kollektiv Berlin

For all levels

Our movement classes are suitable for beginners as well as advanced students. You don't need any previous knowledge or skills - just the desire to move!


Where you are from, your age or gender are no barriers: The language we use is movement. We create a neutral space for everyone through open communication.

No matter where

We offer outdoor and indoor classes all year long. Our training is inspired by our surroundings - therefore the course content is always adapted to the location.

Movement love

The love of movement and community connects us: We offer our courses at low prices and work on a voluntary basis.

Where we train
Where we train

Our weekly movement group courses

In summer our training is mostly outdoors - in winter we mainly train indoors. All courses are suitable for beginners and advanced students. So no matter what your current level is, you are always welcome in our classes.

Bewegungskollektiv Movement Training Berlin Strength mit Micha

Movement Basics

Level: for all levels
Next session on:
February 12, 2024
Kampfkunstschule NeuköllnHobrechtstraße 3112047 Berlin
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Bewegungskollektiv Movement Training Berlin Parkour mit Oscar


Level: for all levels
Next session on:
February 14, 2024
Kampfkunstschule NeuköllnHobrechtstraße 3112047 Berlin
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For members only
Bewegungskollektiv Movement Training Berlin Softness mit Clara

Movement Flow

Level: for all levels
Next session on:
February 16, 2024
Kampfkunstschule NeuköllnHobrechtstraße 3112047 Berlin
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Become a member
Become a member

Our membership plans

With the membership you can participate in our trainings at the best price and help us to keep the community alive. Members also get access to our online content and can participate in workshops and events at a reduced price.

1 Month

Bewegungskollektiv Membership

No contract and no minimum term


  • only 6,67/session

3 Months

Bewegungskollektiv Membership

Contract with 3-month minimum term


  • only 5,56/session

6 Months

Bewegungskollektiv Membership

Contract with 6-month minimum term


  • only 4,44/session

12 Months

Bewegungskollektiv Membership

Contract with 12-month minimum term


  • only 3,89/session

Train with us

We recommend a monthly membership if you want to come to the training regularly and be a part of our community. If this is not possible for you, you can also pay per training or buy a 10er-Flexicard.

Choose your membership. You will then receive an email with payment options.

You can also join via Urban Sports Club.

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Book your training
Book your training
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Our Movement Blog
Our Movement Blog

Here you can find our blog posts

movement camp
summer sky movement camp

05. February 2024

Movement Camp 2024

Join us for 5 days of movement training, jams, sauna, pool and just spending time with many movement enthusiasts! All info here...

Gruppenbild der Teilnehmer*innen

13. September 2023

Our Movement Camp 2023

Our first Summer Movement Camp in Poland this year was a great success: cool movement sessions on different topics, movement jams, food together, sauna and pool. Here are the impressions...

Titelbild vom T-Shirt Artikel

12. August 2023

Die erste Bewegungskollektiv Kollektion: Das T-Shirt

Endlich ist es da: Das Bewegungskollektiv Berlin T-Shirt!

Floorwork im Movement Workshop

05. August 2023

Movement Workshops auf dem appletree garden Festival 2023

Dieses Jahr waren wir auf dem appletree garden festival in Diepholz und haben dort 2 Movement Workshops gegeben. Viele Menschen haben super motiviert mitgemacht und auch uns hat es sehr viel Spaß gemacht! Einige Impressionen findet ihr hier...

Trainer, Team
Unser Team and Trainer und Trainerinnen

26. April 2023

Who is Bewegungskollektiv Berlin?

In this blog article we would like to introduce you to our movement trainers in the movement collective.

movement training outdoor
sun shining to a group of people moving together

11. October 2022

Movement Classes in Summer 2022

In our second summer as Bewegungskollektiv we decided to offer 4 weekly classes in Berlin, each focusing on a different topic. Led by one of our movement trainers, in each class different perspectives of movement were shared and various approaches complemented each other to make one diverse week of training. Looking back to our movement summer...


02. June 2022

Die besten Städte für Movement Training in Deutschland (und Online-Empfehlungen)

Es gibt immer mehr "Movement Training" in Deutschland, aber wo gibt es eigentlich überall Communities? Und welche Trainer*innen bieten wo Movement Training oder Online Coaching an?

Bewegungskollektiv Berlin Movement Training Velodrom

20. January 2022

Different Perspectives on Movement Training and Movement Culture: Your Turn

In this article series, we will present you with different perspectives and thoughts on movement training and movement culture. We will talk to different people with different genders, ages and backgrounds. This article was written by Veronika, one of our longest members and working as a doctor in Berlin. We asked her about her perspective on movement training and movement culture.

Bewegungskollektiv Trainer Gruppenfoto


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This is us
This is us

Get to know our team

With us you will get to know Movement Training in many different ways! All of our trainers have different sporting backgrounds. So each of us will let you dive into the world of movement in our very own way.

Bewegungskollektiv Berlin Trainerin Clara Lohmann


Content Creator

Bewegungskollektiv Berlin Trainer Oscar Boerger

Parkour & Acrobatics


Bewegungskollektiv Berlin Trainer Michael Baumert

Movement & Calisthenics

Software Developer

Bewegungskollektiv Berlin Trainerin Eva Leemans

Contemp. Dance & Yoga


Bewegungskollektiv Berlin Trainer Franziskus Hielscher

Acrobatics & Calisthenics

Movement Teacher

Bewegungskollektiv Berlin Trainer Jordan Jablonka

Movement & Circus


Bewegungskollektiv Berlin Trainer Andre Lerner

Climbing & Parkour

Medical student

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Our Answers
Our Answers

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